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Automatic shift planning & legally compliant time recording

Plan quickly and with automatic support. Record times precisely and conveniently. Involve your employees. StampLab is available as an app for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and on the web.

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Put an end to annoying paperwork and tedious planning

With StampLab, work and shift schedule creation becomes easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper are a thing of the past. StampLab supports you in legally secure time recording.

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30Seconds to the perfect plan

With innovative algorithms to the perfect plan

Fast as lightning. Fully automatic.
Considers hourly accounts & fairness.

Instead of hours of back and forth trying to find the perfect solution for your schedule, StampLab only takes one click. Based on the raw plan and the applications of the employees, StampLab finds the perfect plan for you in 30 seconds. Hourly accounts, fairness and legal requirements (e.g., compliance with rest periods) are considered.

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Speed of planning 1

StampLab automatic plan allocation

10 Sek.

Manual plan assignment

StampLab Automatic shift plan allocation
Planübersicht - Auswertung der Stundenkonten durch den Plan

Large, clear, efficient

All views in StampLab are optimized for you so that you can plan even better and more easily. Use the full power of efficient and fast shift planning and time recording.


Shift in StampLab mobile App

Fits in your pocket - without restrictions

StampLab was first available for your mobile phone - that's why StampLab is so easy to use and optimally suited for your planning despite the small screen. Digital clocking-in is especially fun on your mobile phone.


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"Great app! It really makes our shift planning easier and the tasks help with the organization. Very good!"

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"StampLab allows me to involve my employees much more in the creation of work plans. They are more satisfied and I am relieved. "

Tobias Jung - Manager Quirl’s Drinks & Food - Bergisch Gladbach

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Privacy and security

Yours is yours - let's keep it that way

When we developed StampLab and also whenever we improve it, we keep privacy and security of your data in mind!

Our server infrastructure is operated in an ISO 27001 and TÃœV level 3 certified data centre in Germany.

Our transport encryption was rated "A+" by Qualsys' SSL Labs Server Test.

More about privacy in StampLab

Grüne Energie und Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability in focus

Our employees and our servers work exclusively with electricity generated from 100% renewable sources. For the hardware components we use, we strive to use and reuse the various parts for a long time.

There is more on the way!

StampLab is always evolving

Oh, almost forgot - in the app, of course, you can switch between a dark or light theme. Dark mode is easy on your eyes and, depending on the technology of your display, can even extend battery life.

Shift planning and time tracking mobile app - dark theme
Shift planning and time tracking mobile app - light theme
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Telekom TechBoost

TechBoost, Telekom's startup program, supports selected technology startups. So does l3montree the company behind StampLab.

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Digital economy

The Digitalhub in Bonn (funded project of Digitale Wirtschaft NRW) is a sponsor of l3montree. StampLab thus has an even stronger team behind it.

1. The comparison of the duration or speed of planning refers to the step of plan allocation. The calculation assumes that the calculation of an optimal plan takes exactly 30 seconds. In contrast, a duration of one hour and 40 minutes is estimated for manual planning. The plan used here is based on seven days, each with three shift types, each with five vacancies and eight applications. The test was conducted by l3montree in October 2021 and roughly reflects the performance of the system.