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StampLab unterstützt gegen Corona

Bonn students support workforce planning at immunization centers nationwide

A start-up from Bonn digitizes staff planning at Corona testing and vaccination centers - free of charge.

*Press release, Wednesday 27 January 2021.

StampLab is the name of the app for creating duty rosters and recording working hours that the two computer science students at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences are using to do their part in managing the Corona pandemic.

In October 2020 - in the middle of the Corona pandemic - Tim-Bastin and Sebastian Kawelke founded their start-up "l3montree". "As a young company, we want to make our contribution - with software that solves real problems," describes Sebastian Kawelke. Now they want to help fight the Corona pandemic. "We have already developed the app for over a year. The fact that vaccination centers are now also using our app makes us proud," explains Tim Bastin.

Starting this Monday, all Corona testing and vaccination centers can now use the StampLab app completely free of charge until the pandemic is over. The initiative has already been well received - several vaccination centers are already using the app to organize their vaccination teams. More have requested to participate in the program.

Teams that are having trouble scheduling their staff and would like to participate in the program need only download the app. Once they have created a workspace, all they need to do is contact the l3montree team via email (, within 4 weeks of registration).

The founders are confident that they can make a meaningful contribution with their initiative and that there will be more teams that can use the app to significantly simplify and digitize their planning.

The main eligibility criteria for the program are:

  • Teams working in official testing and immunization centers (central testing and immunization centers and county testing and immunization centers) can participate in the program.

We ask teams interested in participating to contact us via email at

Company website:

Note: In order to internally manage this offer, participants will be assigned a special testing period. This will be continuously extended until the pandemic is over. There is no cost to the testing and vaccination centers. When the program ends, participants will be notified in a timely manner. With the end of the program, the created test and vaccination centers simply become inactive in the software and there are also no costs with the expiration of the program.

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