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Automatic plan assignment

Save time by simply letting us calculate the optimal work schedule for you — of course, we respect your pre-selection and the hourly accounts of your employees.
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Not in the mood for the plan puzzle?

Then just sit back and relax.

Automatic schedule assignment is one of the most innovative features in StampLab. Assigning shifts to employees is the most time-consuming part of shift plan design. With automatic schedule assignment, this is a thing of the past — and saves a lot of time.

Save time & automate your shift plan creation!

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How does that work? With our innovative algorithms.

You and your team are registered in StampLab? Perfect — then all that's missing is a plan and the applications of your employees. Based on your requirements, which you define when creating the plan (in the early shift on Monday we need 3 people in the kitchen) and the applications of your employees, we calculate the optimal occupancy.

Plan up to 200 times faster!

Instead of hours of back and forth searching for the perfect plan, one click is all it takes in StampLab. Based on your raw plan and the applications of your employees, StampLab finds the perfect plan for you in 30 seconds.

Speed of planning 1

StampLab automatic plan allocation

10 Sek.

Manual plan assignment

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In plan recommendations for plan allocation

Recommendations in each plan

Based on the hourly accounts, fairness and avoiding double occupancy, StampLab shows you recommendations in each schedule as to which employee is best suited for which shift. If your schedule changes, we calculate new recommendations for you in the background.


Limitations? Not with StampLab!

You can book as many plans as you need automatically, regardless of the subscription you have booked — we don't set any limits.

Convinced? Then try it out now free of charge!

1. The comparison of the duration or speed of planning refers to the step of plan allocation. The calculation assumes that the calculation of an optimal plan takes exactly 30 seconds. In contrast, a duration of one hour and 40 minutes is estimated for manual planning. The schedule used for this is over seven days, with three shift types each having five vacancies with eight applications each. The test was conducted by l3montree in October 2021 and roughly reflects the performance of the system. The pictorial relation is not to scale.