Mitarbeiter durch Bewerbungsverfahren einbinden

Involve your employees

A team that works well together and is happy is a key factor in determining success. With StampLab you can involve your employees more.
Team von Mitarbeitern streckt die Hände zusammen - Teamwork

Plan together with your employees

If you want to involve your employees and make them feel appreciated, simply plan together with your employees. StampLab allows you to involve your employees individually. The workload of managers and planners is reduced and motivation increases for everyone involved. Happy and motivated employees work more effectively and remain loyal to your company.

Always & everywhere available

Your employees can view their data anytime and anywhere. Their own times or their next shifts are clearly available in one place, but independent of location. The entire team remains on the same level and an exchange is professionally possible.

Geschäftsmännern mit einem Tablet - Teamwork

Consider individual wishes

The application process is an excellent way for your employees to participate. Here you create a work schedule without already assigning the shifts to your employees. After publishing the work schedule, your employees receive a push notification and can apply for the free shifts.

(Automatic) assignment of the routing

Of course, you can also use the application process after you have already assigned shifts to some employees (e.g. permanent employees). The combination of both procedures is what makes StampLab so interesting.

After the application process, the best selection of your employees can be found easily and quickly using automatic plan allocation. Here we take into account the hourly accounts of your employees and try to assign each shift. And that in just a few seconds.