Ein Plan wird auf einem Smartphone mit StampLab erstellt

Create shift plans in only 5 steps

With StampLab you can create plans easily and, above all, quickly.

In 5 steps to the perfect plan

A work plan is created with just a few clicks.

Give your plan a name!

What doesn't sound good is only half the fun. Give your plan a unique name.

Dem Plan einen Namen in der Erstellung geben
Glückliches Team wegen der Verwendung von StampLab

Flexible planning with the application procedure

In StampLab, you can decide whether you want to actively involve your employees: If you decide to use the application process, you only need to create a rough plan and your employees will apply for the open positions.

StampLab supports you with Recommendations through our automatic plan allocation so that you do not have to laboriously solve the plan puzzle.

Planübersicht - Auswertung der Stundenkonten der Mitarbeiter

Hourly account evaluation & automatic allocation

On the tablet and on the web, you can view the changes in your employees' hour accounts through your plan and optimize the utilization of your employees thanks to automatic plan allocation.

You can find more information about the automatic plan allocation here.

Manager weist Mitarbeiter am Smartphone zu

Assign quickly & clearly

Of course, employees can also be assigned directly in StampLab. As a manager, you retain full control. Filters and search functions support you. You can easily and clearly fill your schedule — even on your smartphone.

You can also determine whether you have to confirm a substitution search or not.

Tasks for layers and PDF export of the plan

There are other functions to improve your planning. For example, you can set tasks for shifts.

You can also export your work plan as a PDF file at any time.