Stand-ins in StampLab

Substitution search, fast and flexible

It can happen that a replacement for a colleague has to be found quickly — StampLab can help you with this.
StampLab Stand-in Sheet

Substitute in seconds

Should it become necessary, your employees can ask for a substitute for their shift. Colleagues in the same role will receive a notification. The colleagues can then offer to take over the shift. As a manager, you retain full control over who takes over the shift.

Stand-ins on StampLab Dashboard

Overview directly on the dashboard

Colleagues in the same role and managers see substitution requests directly on the dashboard. This way, replacements can be found more quickly.

StampLab Advanced Settings

Advanced settings

You can determine whether the takeovers must first be confirmed by a manager in the case of substitution requests. If not, your employees have an easy way to swap shifts.


In order to keep track of who took over a shift from whom, this information is kept track of in StampLab. You will see who was originally assigned.