StampLab Zeiterfassung mit QR-Code

Easily record and export working times

Record and export your employees' working hours directly via time clock or simple form in the app
Arbeitszeiterfassung per Einstempeln über den QR-Code

Time clock

According to the justice of the European Court of Justice, employers must accurately record working hours. With the StampLab time clock you cover this legal requirement in a very practical way!

Specify whether your employees need to scan a QR code to start time recording, or whether the simple tap of a button is sufficient.

The QR code can also be easily printed out and hung up.

Formular zum Bearbeiten einer Zeit in StampLab Web

Record by form

Optionally, you can also activate a form entry in StampLab. Your employees can then enter their times after their shift, for example. You can enter a work description at any time — this will also be exported.

Live Overview of the time tracking feature in StampLab

Live overview

Keep an eye on everything. The live display shows you which of your employees is currently working or on break. The whole thing works seamlessly across all platforms — whether you use the smartphone app, the tablet app or the web. In this way, you can also comply with the requirements of the ECJ ruling.

Geschäftsmann mit Smartphone

Export of working hours

Export your employees' working times and have them sent to you directly in an e-mail as a Microsoft Excel table (.csv file format). In the future, we will offer other export formats, such as the DATEV format.

Symbolbild für Datenschutz

Data protection through the role system

With StampLab's role system, you retain full control over who can see who's working hours. In this way, you can flexibly ensure the data protection of your employees.

You can find more information on data protection here: Data protection and IT security