In retail, you face many different problems when it comes to planning or coordination. Staff planning should not be one of them!

Einzelhandel- und Supermarktkasse

Get started with StampLab and save time!

With StampLab you can manage teams from one to unlimited employees. Especially try the automatic schedule assignment if you have many employees and you won't want to miss it!

Your advantages with StampLab

Automatische Planbelegung in StampLab

Time saving

With StampLab you can create your plans once and use them again and again if you want. The modular concept makes it quick and easy!

Once created and published, you can involve your employees in the planning by having them apply for shifts. You just have to accept the applications.

It is even faster with the automatic schedule assignment. We calculate the optimal assignment by your employees in about one minute and you have the perfect plan!

You can find more information about the automatic plan allocation: here

Geld sparen Grafik

The Price

Digital workforce planning is also available at fair and favorable conditions? YES!

With StampLab you save real money and get the full range of services! We (as well as you probably) find hidden costs such as basic fees, which other providers of personnel planning software demand, quite unfair.

In addition, you remain flexible with StampLab. Even if you don't want it anymore, you can cancel StampLab every month.

Find out here which plan fits your company.

Arbeitszeiterfassung mit digitaler Stempeluhr in StampLab

Simple time recording

StampLab also makes time recording quick and easy. We offer you various options for this.

The fastest way is with our QR code time clock. According to EU law, working and break times in shift work must be recorded by time clock. In StampLab, this can all be solved by QR code.

Of course, working times can also be entered manually and corrected by authorized employees.

As an additional gadget, a team manager can also see live who is working and who is on break.

Last but not least you can send all working times of your employees via .csv (Excel) file to your mail address, which gives you the ultimate overview.

All information about time tracking is available: Here

Aufgabenmanagement in StampLab

Simplified processes

Once the plan is in place, StampLab will of course continue to support you in your workflow.

An employee is absent and needs a substitute? No problem, with the integrated Substitute search you are guaranteed to find a suitable substitute!

You would like to ask your employees something (for example, when the next team meeting should take place)? Then you can easily check this off with the function Surveys.

There are tasks that have to be done in a certain shift? Just add them to Your shifts and your employees can check them off as soon as they are done.

Curious? Try it out!

To make it easier for you to get used to StampLab, you can try it for free for the first few weeks test and then decide!

You only have to pay for StampLab when your trial period is over and you really want to use it.