How do I create a workstation?

In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to create a workspace in StampLab.

StampLab App Übersicht der weiteren Teams im Profil


**If you are already part of a workspace, open the StampLab Mobile app and navigate to the "You" tab in the tab navigation - this is the last tab. Here you will find a list of all workspaces you are already part of. Press the pencil to edit this list. Here you will find a button with the title "Join / Create".

If you are not yet part of a workspace, open the StampLab mobile app and register using social login or your email address (How do I create an account in StampLab? (free version)). After registration and possibly email verification, you will be greeted by a button titled "Create workspace".


Now enter the name of your workspace and press "Next".

StampLab App Rollen in der Teamerstellung hinzufügen


After that you can create roles for your workspace. Possible roles of your workplace can be for example: "Kitchen worker", "Workshop manager", "Warehouse" or others. You can later assign individual shifts to these roles. You can add a color to each role. This increases the clarity. When you have created your roles, press "Next".

In addition to these roles, two more roles will be created automatically: "Manager" and "Timekeeper". Each manager of your workspace can create work plans, accept requests, ... - everything except deleting the workspace. Users with the timekeeper role are able to view and export the working hours of all employees and get a live overview of the employees currently working.


Next, you can enter shifts. Give the shifts a name at the beginning and then assign them a time frame. For example, you can create an "early shift", "night shift" or "midday shift". Then press "Next".


Last but not least, you will be asked again if you want to create your workspace. Confirm this with "Create & start test period". You have already created your own workstation!