How do I join a workplace?

This guide explains how to join a workspace in the StampLab mobile app.

StampLab App einem weiteren Team beitreten


If you have not yet created an account in StampLab, please register first and verify your email address if necessary. After that, you will find the "Join Team" button prominently on the screen.

If you already have an account in StampLab, navigate to the tab: "You". Here you will find the section "Your Jobs". By tapping on the "pencil" icon you will get an overview of your workspace.

StampLab App Übersicht der Teams des Nutzers


Here you can find all the workspaces you currently belong to. You can leave workspaces (if you are not the owner) and join new ones.

To join click on the action button "Create / Join".

StampLab App Einladungscode


After clicking on the button, more options will open. Select "Join team" here. You will be presented with a code input field. You will receive this code from a manager of the workplace (How do I invite employees to my workplace?). Enter it into the input field. Confirm with a click on the "Verify code" button.

Congratulations. You have joined a workspace!