Multiple locations

Learn how to plan for multiple locations with StampLab.

Automatische Planbelegung in StampLab

Want to schedule shifts for multiple locations?

Then you can easily do this with StampLab!

You can separate your locations using the plan creation.

E.g. location A gets the plan "Plan August: location A", location B gets the plan "Plan August: location B".

This way you can distribute your employees to two or more locations in the same period.

You can find out how to do this: here

Arbeitszeiterfassung mit digitaler Stempeluhr in StampLab

Time recording for multiple locations

For this you can output your time recording for your team as usual as a table (.csv) file.

The times include as usual the total working time, as well as start and end times of the respective shifts.

You can find out everything about time tracking: here