Create new work plan

This tutorial describes how to create a new work plan in StampLab.

Neuen Plan in der StampLab App erstellen


Open the app and go to the "Plans" tab (calendar icon at the bottom of the screen). There you press "Create plan".


You can give this work plan a name. This will help you to find it later and to use it as a template if necessary. When you have entered a name, press "Next".


Next, you can set the time period of your plan. Just tap the start date and the end date and the period will be highlighted. Pressing "Next" will confirm the selected period.


You will be asked if you want to create a new plan or copy an already created plan. If this is your first plan, select "New plan" and confirm by pressing the "Next" button. In the future you will find here your already created plans that you can reuse. This will save you time!

Akzeptierte Mitarbeiter vs. benötigte Mitarbeiter im Plan


Now you can add a description to your work plan. In addition, you get an overview of the period covered by your work schedule. You can now enter your employees in shifts on the days shown. To do this, click on one of the days.

StampLab App Schichten im Plan aufbauen


Here you can see the shifts on the selected day. You can also add an additional description here, if there is a special event or something similar on that day. To assign a role to the shift, click on the plus icon of the shift.

StampLab App Rollen im Plan auswählen


Here you can select which roles you need in this shift. In our example we use one kitchen worker and two service workers for the early shift on Saturday.

Planerstellung in der StampLab App - Rollen auswählen für eine Schicht


Our overview has already been updated. Here we keep track of which roles we have already entered for which shift. With a click on one of the shifts, you get the possibility to immediately assign employees or add tasks for the shift.

*Tip: With a swipe to the left and right you can jump to the next or previous day.

StampLab App Mitarbeiter zuweisen

9. (optional)

This is the view of further options of a shift. In our example, we add a few tasks and assign Elena to this shift.

StampLab App Plan abspeichern oder veröffentlichen


If you are satisfied with the work plan, use the "Arrow-Back" button in the upper left corner of your smartphone until you get back to the general overview. Now you can either publish your work plan immediately or save it by tapping on the action button "Open actions".

StampLab App Plan erstellen letzter Schritt


Once you have published your work plan, all assigned users will be accepted automatically.

Congratulations - you have just created your first work plan with the StampLab app!