Enter working time

In this tutorial you will learn how to enter a working time in StampLab.

Eine neue Arbeitszeit in StampLab erfassen


Open the app and press "Time tracking".

Mit StampLab erfasste Arbeitszeit korrigieren


You can enter your times or start an entry by pressing the "Enter time" button below.

StampLab supports different time recording variants. You can choose the one that suits you in your workspace settings. You can find instructions on how to edit your workspace here.

Time recording variants:

  • Simple time recording: Your employees record their times through a simple form. The date, start and end time, as well as the break taken can be set here.
  • Time clock**: Your employees record their times according to the time clock principle. At the beginning of the shift the timer is started, interrupted at a break, and stopped at the end of the shift. Only the length of the break can be corrected afterwards.
  • With QR code activated: To clock in and out, a QR code must be scanned with the app. You can export this in the "Times" tab. This increases the trustworthiness of the saved times.
  • Adding times afterwards: Your employees will be asked when pressing the "Add time" button if they want to enter their time via a simple form or if they want to use the time clock.