Eugh ruling - Recording working time - How to record working time legally compliant!

On 14 May 2019, the European Court of Justice handed down a ruling on the compulsory recording of working time from the 0th hour.

Legally compliant recording of working time as a duty

The fundamental right of every worker to the restriction of maximum working hours and the observance of rest periods, as enshrined in the EU Charter, is decisive for the Judgement pronounced on 14.05.2019. All European states must ensure that workers' rights are respected through appropriate legislation. The measures with which they guarantee the implementation of the judgement are left to them.

You can find the judgement: Here

What is the employer facing?

German legislation does not currently provide for the complete recording of the daily working time of employees. §16 of the German Working Hours Act, however, obliges working hours exceeding a daily working time (8 hours) to be documented.

In a Judgement of 24.09.2020, an employee was already awarded 20,000€ for overtime worked!

Arbeitszeiterfassung mit digitaler Stempeluhr in StampLab

The employer must ensure clarity!

In order to create clarity and avoid high additional payments, the employer must record times in a legally secure manner. This not only increases employee satisfaction, but also gives the employer a better overview of the working hours of his employees.

With StampLab, working hours can be recorded easily and legally securely. You can find out how to do this: Here

Further information is provided by the DGB